The free, clean and renewable energy generated by the Hydro-Electric Reactor technology can bring down the cost of generating power for electricity and transportation by about 90% worldwide. This will enable the cost of manufacturing goods and services to be drastically reduced and also the cost of transporting goods and services, including food, will be negligible. The end result will be a dramatic reduction in inflation, automatic stimulation of economic activity in terms of increased productivity, high employment rate and resurgence in national prosperity worldwide.

 The huge amount of money saved from importing oil, natural gas, coal, uranium and other expensive energy products, which range from millions to billions of dollars annually, can be re-invested into each country's economy which can lead to exponential acceleration of national wealth.

 The threat of global warming and its catastrophic impact on human economic growth can be eliminated by reversing the carbon footprints created by all fossil-fuel emissions, thereby restoring the protective ozone layer and rejuvenating the health of the planet. This will greatly benefit all nations around the world.

 The current global recession and the heavy burden of unemployment fostered on many national governments can be relieved by the extensive manufacturing, distributing and servicing of products created by the Hydro-Electric Reactor technology which can provide employment, each year, for 1,000,000 people in the U.S.A. and 10,000,000 worldwide, over the next 10 years.

 It can double the annual profits of any electric utility company or transportation and delivery company, worldwide.

 All existing fossil fuel-based power plants, automobile engines, marine-craft engines and aircraft propulsion engines can be replaced with Hydro-Electric Reactor clean energy engines within 30 years worldwide, which will effectively bring an end to the current global oil dependence and eliminate the inevitable energy crisis.

 The all-electric engines being developed will replace the present gasoline-based internal-combustion engines within a few years and ensure great savings to individuals and institutions worldwide because all vehicle owners will no longer need to buy gasoline to drive their vehicles.

 It is projected that most of the world's oil reserves will be depleted within the next 30 years. The Hydro-Electric Reactor technology will ensure that the world's economy will not grind to a halt as a result.

 There are 100 products being developed for mass-production based on the Hydro-Electric Reactor technology.

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