The Hydro-Electric Reactor power plant can produce electricity at less than 1 cent (One U.S. cent) per kilowatt hour.

 It is more affordable than solar energy and it does not depend on sunlight to operate.

 It is more reliable than windmill energy because it can operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, all year round. It does not depend on the wind to operate.

 It uses only air to create electricity. Air goes into the system and only air comes out of the power plant, back into the atmosphere. There are no harmful emissions, whatsoever.

 It does not use any fuel to generate electricity in commercial quantities.

 It can replace all coal, nuclear, natural gas and other fossil fuel-based power plants and engines within 30 years, worldwide.

 It can eliminate the current greenhouse gas effect, restore the ozone layer and put an end to global warming.

 The technology has no daily operating costs because it is self-sustaining.

 It is designed to operate efficiently for 100 years with occasional replacement of parts.

 It is easy to maintain with limited downtime all year round.

 It is easy to install anywhere, indoors, outdoors and underground.

 It can provide independent electricity to residential, commercial and industrial buildings without connection to any external power grid.

 It does not discharge any toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, ground or seas that will require expensive clean-up. There are no drawbacks whatsoever.

 It can produce clean and free energy for Electric Power Plants, Automobile Electric Engines, Marine Craft Engines and Aircraft Propulsion Engines, with unlimited miles range which will put an end to the current worldwide oil dependence.

 It can generate and add over 1,000,000 megawatts of clean, reliable and sustainable green energy every year, to all countries around the world.

 The technology can produce electricity at the lowest price than any other power-generating system currently being used anywhere in the world because it uses only air to generate electricity; and AIR is FREE, UNLIMITED and AVAILABLE in every country on EARTH.

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